How it Works

Traditional Knee Supports

Existing Knee Products currently on the market do exactly as they describe in that they support, brace and stabilise the joint in order to contain and maintain the specific knee problem.

Fundamental Difference

In comparison the uniqueness of the PFLEXX concept is based on resistance training to build and strengthen the knee by totally concentrating the exercise effort in the muscles, tendons, ligaments within and adjacent to the joint in order to speed recovery and ultimately become support/brace free.

Essentially, instead of traditionally “maintaining” the knee problem…. The PFLEXX concept is designed to “fix” the knee problem.

The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for Physiotherapy Exercise, General fitness and Sports Performance improvement.

They are NOT supports, braces or stabilisers… They are basically KNEE EXERCISERS with integral compression and lateral support

The PFLEXX® Concept is based on a seamless-knitted sleeve specially designed with spring resistance elements fitted within the material on the inner and outer sides of the knee.

The sleeve is made from thermo-regulating yarn designed to keep the user in a consistent temperature zone while effectively diffusing perspiration.

The tubular design of the sleeve provides a high compression support regime around the knee which inhibits the buildup of lactic acid in the blood which can reduce the effects of tiredness potentially prolonging activity and speeding up the recovery process.


The “spring elements” which are the fundamental key to the concept are made from memory retentive, high performance polymer and are specially designed to generate an exercising resistance against any movement of the joint. This stimulates work load producing muscle activation in the quads, hamstrings and calf muscles essentially creating an inbuilt exercisemechanism.

The spring elements are calibrated with three resistance options:-

3.5Kg – Lightweight springs designed for initial recovery, arthritic and

osteoarthritic conditions, low muscle rebuilding and light exercise.

5.0Kg – Medium-weight springs designed for medium exercise, general

fitness and light sports activity.

7.5Kg – Heavyweight springs designed for aggressive fitness programmes,

heavy gym work and elite sports performance.


University Tested

The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser has been tested at various stages at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

Test results showed that the Knee Exerciser produced increases in muscle activation adjacent to the knee joint of up to 30% when walking and 400% when running thereby illustrating the effectiveness of the resistance elements providing the load either side of knee joint.

PFLEXX® Revolutionary Knee Exercisers incorporate 3 newly developed high performance technologies:- The Bio-Mechanical Resistance technology incorporates high performance polymer resistance springs fitted either side of the joints which work naturally against physical movement and strengthens the adjacent muscle groups. Test Study at various stages at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England showed that the Knee Exerciser produced increases in muscle activation adjacent to the knee joint of up to 30% when walking and 400% when running thereby illustrating the effectiveness of the resistance elements providing the load either side of knee joint.

The Kinetic Compression of the knee sleeve is unlike conventional under garments in that it limits overstretching of the muscles whilst allowing free range of movement. The ultra-high compression is up to 10% higher than medical compression support products producing a high performance textile which stimulates blood flow and disperses lymphatic fluids and inhibits the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. All of these features contribute to tireless exercise and rapid recovery following training, work-out and fitness programmes.

The Performance Fibre Technology of INVISTA COOLMAX® ALL SEASON is designed to optimise the body's natural thermal capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections which adapt to the wearer’s condition as the fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes facilitating the conservation of energy levels with substantial advances in thermal control.

The finished textile essentially keeps the body temperature regulated by keeping you cool when it is hot and keeping you hot when it is cold.