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Get Fitter With PFLEXX®

Proven to Improve Performance

PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance and limit recovery times. PFLEXX® Power Springs come in three resistance levels letting you customise it to your personal needs.

Tested, and proven, by scientific studies and thousands of customers.

Biomechanical Testing

"Use of the PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator leads to a 30% increase in flexor muscle activation when walking and a 400% increase during running."

Northumbria University
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies

Discover Our Powerful Knee Muscle Activator

PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator is proven. It will help you:
- Boost your power and strength for sports performance
- Strengthen your knee joint prior to surgery
- Help you rebuild muscle strength after surgery
- Help people suffering from arthritis

PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator minimises recovery time and maximises training results meaning you can get back to a fitter lifestyle faster.

Great Product, Great Quality

My trainer got me a Pflexx and it has helped me so much, great product, great quality.

Sam Milnes (Ice Hockey Player) - Rhode Island USA

My Pain Has Disappeared

I thought I could never ski again. Thanks to my Pflexx, I can now and all pain has miraculously disappeared. Really anyone with a problem of ligaments can use it!

Paola Vidulli – Italy

Far superior to anything else

Using my Pflexx, I can now play Golf without pain. They are comfortable, you don't sweat underneath and post Golf I have full mobility in my knees.

Mark Still - South Africa

One week and results already!

I am very impressed by this product. I have used it for only a week and already my right knee is starting to get better and recovering fast. Thank you Pflexx!

Pieter Hulleman - Oslo, Norway

Strengthened Muscles And Ligaments

Pflexx is exactly what I was looking for to strengthen and help support the knee. Well done for developing this product!

David Brunskill - Canada

PFLEXX® Power Spring Resistance Levels

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