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Get Fitter With PFLEXX® Technology

Proven to Improve Performance

Our PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator is ideal for Sports Injured Athletes covering all Sports, which extends also to both the NHS & Private Healthcare Hospital patient, with knee related injuries, including that of the Arthritic Knee Sufferer. Our PFLEXX® Technology memory retentive springs come in 3 different resistance levels, which allows both injured Sports injured Men & Woman, & Hospital patients to rehabilitate accordingly.

With University scientific studies having being carried out successfully. There have & are many satisfied clients from the 4 corners of the globe.

Biomechanical Testing

"Our PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator leads up to a 30% increase in flexor muscle activation when walking and up to a 400% increase when running. Scientific testing was carried out at.

Newcastle University,(Centre for Rehabilitation & Engineering Studies).

Discover Our Powerful Knee Muscle Activator

PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator has proven to help:

1) Strengthen the areas around the knee before surgery.
2) Rebuild Muscle Strength after Surgery.
3) Alleviate pain & discomfort for Arthritic knee sufferers.

PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator.

Minimize your recovery time.,

Great Product, Great Quality

My trainer got me a Pflexx and it has helped me so much, great product, great quality.

Sam Milnes (Ice Hockey Player) - Rhode Island USA

My Pain Has Disappeared

I thought I could never ski again. Thanks to my Pflexx, I can now and all pain has miraculously disappeared. Really anyone with a problem of ligaments can use it!

Paola Vidulli – Italy

Far superior to anything else

Using my Pflexx, I can now play Golf without pain. They are comfortable, you don't sweat underneath and post Golf I have full mobility in my knees.

Mark Still - South Africa

One week and results already!

I am very impressed by this product. I have used it for only a week and already my right knee is starting to get better and recovering fast. Thank you Pflexx!

Pieter Hulleman - Oslo, Norway

Strengthened Muscles And Ligaments

Pflexx is exactly what I was looking for to strengthen and help support the knee. Well done for developing this product!

David Brunskill - Canada

PFLEXX® Power Spring Resistance Levels

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