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Les Pape, Managing Director has over 30 years experience in Executive Management & Product Development having headed manufacturing, technical and R&D operations in the UK, Europe and USA.

Les loves golf and was devastated when a knee injury forced him off the fairways. Full fitness was a distant dream as he faced a long and slow recovery. Disappointed and frustrated, he decided to do something about it. 

Les started to design and develop devices that could speed-up physical rehabilitation and get people back on their feet faster. Les invited leading experts to develop the technology. Teams of analysts, researchers and academics from the fields of bio-mechanical engineering and sports science at Northumbria University and Newcastle University carried out research projects, feasibility studies and field trials. Beginning with the Pflexx® Knee Muscle Exerciser, physiologists worked with Athletics Clubs, Rugby League, County Cricket and countless other sportspeople to put the Pflexx® Knee Muscle Exerciser to the test.

Meticulous and intensive analysis proved the new device dramatically increases the activity of under-developed muscles around the knee – by up to 30% when walking and up to 400% when running. We are all very proud of the Pflexx® evolution. From early designs, to prototypes, to thorough testing and finally the precision-engineered devices that are now available, it has been quite a journey.

Now everyone has access to this life-changing technology. So if you’re recovering from an injury (like Les), want to boost your sports performance, or simply get fitter, Pflexx® will help you reach your goals faster.