1.   You say that the product increases activation by 30% (walking) and 400% (running). Which muscles? Among those muscles that are getting more activated, which one will work harder and get stronger than others?

The Pflexx concept was designed primarily as a general exercise aid to help the rehabilitation process when recovering from injury or surgery and has evolved into a training aid to help strengthen and build power when exercising and training during wide spectrum of active leisure and sporting pursuits. Examples can be seen in the testimonials on our product page from customers who have suffered horrendous injuries all the way to recovery for extreme and professional sports people. eg. rugby, football, tennis, golf, basketball, skiing, boxing, cycling, athletics, martial arts etc. etc.

University studies of the Pflexx product have shown increases in muscle activation of up to 30% when walking and up to 400% when running.

The Flexor muscles the hamstring (biceps femoris) and the calf (gastrocnemius) activate/work the most against the spring resistance which is valuable for sports where concentric hamstring action is predominant such as cycling, skiing and rowing. For sports where hamstring injuries are common such as football, cricket, rugby and hockey the Pflexx product is ideal for loading the hamstring during training/exercise to help build up strength and thereby help limit injury.

The Extensors the quadriceps (rectus femoris) and buttock muscles (gluteus maximus) are strengthened when using the Pflexx product to increase power in the legs during training and exercises relating to squatting and bending the leg under the resistance loading of the power spring.

The Pflexx Product also provides additional support, compression and neuromuscular feedback during training and exercising.


  1.   What are the benefits of strengthening these muscles?


The benefits of strengthening the leg muscles using the Pflexx product are extensive and incrementally similar to those such as going to the gym and lifting weights doing squats or work outs on machines like bikes, elliptical walkers, rowers and treadmills etc.

Building the leg muscles can help prevent injury, allow you to run/walk further and faster, jump further and higher, train harder and longer.

For sufferers of arthritis the best form of treatment is exercise which can be difficult and tiresome for the patient the Pflexx products help ease the mental pressure and body load by providing stability and confidence to help movement of the legs with the compression of the textile sleeve helping to alleviate pain during that activity and the recoil action of the spring helping the movement of the leg.

In line with this Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Alastair Davidson FRCS recommends to patients waiting for replacement knee operations to wear the Pflexx product for up to twelve weeks prior to surgery to help build up muscles around the knee which will subsequently shorten the recovery time post-surgery as the muscles have already started the re-strengthening process.


  1.   Will this product help elderly people to stand up easier given the nature of the spring?


The recoil effect of the spring after bending provides a push or rebound action which not only helps in sports and activities where lunging or jumping is required but can assist in alleviating body weight when injured or elderly or infirm patients are standing up from a sitting position where the legs have been bent.