PFLEXX® Knee Muscle Activator

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The Pflexx Compression Knee Trainer has patented Power Springs providing functional fitness resistance training.

Our Power Springs are fitted on either side of the knee joint and work naturally against physical movement to strengthen the knee joint and build muscle in the quad, hamstring, calf, and glutes.

The high compression knee sleeve is made from Advansa Thermo°Cool® textile which keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot.

The level of compression helps keep the blood flowing and disperses lactic acid, speeding up recovery time and reducing tiredness.

A product that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, used in training programmes to strengthen target muscle groups around the joint, and/or to complement physiotherapy programmes.

The Pflexx Compression Knee Trainer can be worn anytime: during day-to-day activities or when exercising.


It can be used to:

  • Strengthen the knee joint prior to surgery.
  • Help rebuild muscle strength after surgery.
  • Boost power and strength for sports performance.
  • Help people suffering from arthritis.

Pflexx Compression Knee Trainer minimises recovery time and maximises training results meaning you can get back to a fitter lifestyle faster. It is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance but limit recovery times.

The patented Power Springs come in three resistance levels making sure you have the right resistance.

Pflexx Compression Knee Trainer is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for physiotherapy exercise, general fitness and sports performance.

Size Chart

Measurements are taken 15cm above and below centre of knee. See our fitting diagram below for reference.

XSThigh 38-41cmCalf 28-31cm
S Thigh 41-44cmCalf 31-34cm
M Thigh 44-47cmCalf 34-37cm
 L Thigh 47-50cmCalf 37-40cm
 XL Thigh 50-53cmCalf 40-43cm
 XXL Thigh 53-56cmCalf 43-46cm
 XXXL Thigh 56-59cmCalf 46-49cm
 XXXXL Thigh 59-62cmCalf 49-52cm



Larger Sizes are available with our Custom Made Service

Email with your measurements for a price and delivery (measure around your thigh and calf 15cm above and below the centre of the knee).





Absolutely miraculous product. My husband had a knee injury and couldnt put any weight on it! Within a few days of wearing the Pflexx Knee Exerciser he was back to work with full knee movement.The doctor couldnt believe the recovery in such a short period of time!

Imelda McCoy- Ireland



It's great, a very good fit and comfortable to wear, I forget it's there when I'm running. And running with the Knee Pflexx on means I'm running pain free and continue to be pain free after training. So all in all it's doing a great job! 

AnnMarie Harvie - UK - Runner with IT Band Syndrome



My Background-following tendon graft surgery to my right ankle due to trauma, I developed a lot of knee pain. Physiotherapy had no effect and xrays did not reveal any pathology in the knee. I regularly lift weights and am considered very strong. I purchased the Pflexx Knee Muscle Activator and after a short period of wearing the product in gym workouts only, the knee pain has vanished. There is a perceptible strengthening effect in the knees. I am suddenly able to do pistols [one legged squats] without any problem. An excellent product.

Robyn Bunting - Czech Republic