Knee Injury Women's Football

Womens knee injuries with Pflexx Knee Exerciser

Research by world governing body FIFA has suggested that female footballers are between two and six times more likely to suffer this injury because of physiological differences such as generally wider hips, which increase the leg's angle into the knee, and under-developed muscles which prevent the knee from turning in upon landing.

However the rate of injuries to the whole body for women is lower than for men.
There has been a sharp increase in serious knee injuries since the women's game moved to a semi-professional league in the summer of 2011.

There are concerns in the game that more could be done to protect players, with the spike in knee injuries this season coinciding with an increased load on the players' bodies.

Effectively, some players have gone from part-time to full-time footballers in a matter of months. Is it too much, too soon?

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