Blog From Balgarka On The Highlights From Be Fit London

Pflexx at Be: Fit London
Be: Fit London is a health and fitness festival for women which is held once a year – at the beginning of May, in the Business Design Centre in Islington.

It is designed to get us all inspired to be in the best of shape before the summer by meeting the countries top trainers, nutritionists, motivators and health experts all together under one roof.

I have to admit that I’ve never been to a fitness show before and as soon as the doors were open on 1 May, I headed to Islington. I met very interesting people and inspiring brands and I even learnt a few healthy tips. I saw more fit women on one place than I ever imagined existed and the inspiration got me back on track with exercising. Now let me show you the highlights of some of the brands I discovered there…

Pflexx Knee Exerciser: I would say that the Pflexx is a brilliant tool. Unlike other knee systems which only give support, this one has been designed to give your knee a resistance which helps building muscle faster. The elastic sleeve supports the knee and speeds up the recovery, whilst the special spring-like tool makes the muscle around the knee joint work. The THERMOCOOL material of the sleeve keeps the knee warm when cold and cool when hot.